A View From Behind

by: Renee Saul

(Hope you don't mind the post Renee)

I enjoy reading articles about motorcycles and riding.  You know the kind --- you find them in H.O.G. newsletters, Full Throttle, Enthusiast, and V-Twin.

Stories about trips, experiences --- both good and bad, and personal opinions are both informative and entertaining.

Lately though, I realized that they are most often written from the driver's perspective.  Articles about group riding, safety tips, bike maintenance, etc., are written with the driver in mind.

Well, I have a different viewpoint --- the one from behind.

We're called by various names . . . passengers, babes, fender fluff, and bitches; (I prefer "Honey"), we perform various jobs . . . giving hand signals, reach-arounds, waving to other motorcycles, getting your beer . . . WHATEVER . . . we love to ride behind our man.

I've been told on numerous occasions that I need my own bike.  "Once you ride alone, you'll never pack again," they say.  That may be true for some women.  I have a great respect and admiration for women who ride their own.  However, I look at riding in back as having the best of both worlds.  I know many women who occupy the rear seat have the same opinion, and I'm sure there are many who sit in front who can see the truth in what I say.  See what you think.

I don't have all the responsibilities that come with driving the bike.  I still pay attention to other motorists and watch out for things, but I can sit back and enjoy the scenery.

I can hold on tight and sit close, or I can relax and "cat nap" if I want.  It's kind of dangerous to do that if you are driving!

I can spend quality time with the man I love and be a part of his favorite pastime and hobby.  He doesn't have to worry about my skills, my speed, or where I am in the pack.  He just has to reach back and touch.  (That's a plus for both of us, I think).

I meet lots of friendly, interesting people and make new friends.  I go lots of places, enjoy great company, and see lots of interesting sites.  (Boy, do I ever!)

I have both hands free to do what I choose.

I have the luxury that driver's don't.  I have two pieces of powerful equipment between my legs --- you figure that one out. (You guys will have to quit bragging about your equipment before you understand this one).

I get all the other benifits that go along with riding on the motorcycle.  The wind in my face and hair . . . the vibration . . . the open road . . . the vibration . . . the exhilaration . . . the vibration . . .



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