Open Road Therapy


Jackie Rowe

             I ride a Harley and just maybe, I am prejudice.  But any rider will agree that cruising the highway on the back of a motorcycle is a pleasure that goes back to the primal feeling of the wind in you face and a powerful animal between your legs.  There is feeling of freedom, thundering down a open road and not being surrounded and protected by a ton of metal and masses of padding.  Aware that death or injury are a possibility, but comfortable with the beast that carries you.  Trusting in itís power and stamina, knowing that you will make it home tonight.

            When a biker passes another rider on the road, he will put out his hand as a sign.  That there is a friend on the road and if he needs help, someone will be there.  There is an unspoken brotherhood that exist among bikers, respect for a way of thinking that may be a little different from the other people in their life.  An understanding about freedom, pride and living life to the fullest .

            When a group of riders gather to enjoy a day on the road, ninety nine percent of the time it will end and sometimes be interrupted by stops for food and drinks.  Rain or shine, day or night a planned ride will go on, with the end of the day always declared a good day to ride.

            When you get tired of the ordinary, stressed to the limit, feel like you canít take a deep breath and really relax.  Climb on the back of  throbbing, powerful, and beautiful peace of machinery that can outrun your worries and outlast your troubles.  If you donít have a bike, find a friend that does, try a little open road therapy.

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