This is the "Exact" wording of the North Carolina General Statutes pertaining to Helmet Use.

 20-140.4.  Special provisions for motorcycles and mopeds.

  (a) No person shall operate a motorcycle or moped upon a
highway or public vehicular area:
       (1)  When the number of persons upon such motorcycle or
            moped, including the operator, shall exceed the
            number of persons which it was designed to carry.
       (2)  Unless the operator and all passengers thereon wear
            safety helmets of a type approved by the
            Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.
  (b) Violation of any provision of this section shall not be
considered negligence per se or contributory negligence per se in
any civil action.
  (c) Any person convicted of violating this section shall have
committed an infraction and shall be fined according to G.S. 20-
135.2A(e) and (f). (1973, c. 1330, s. 6; 1989, c. 711, s. 1.)

 This is the fine you can expect "IF" convicted: 

 20-135.2A.  Seat belt use mandatory.

  (e) Any driver or passenger who fails to wear a seat belt as
required by this section shall have committed an infraction and
shall pay a penalty of twenty-five dollars ($25.00). Conviction
of an infraction under this section has no consequence other than
payment of a penalty. A person found responsible for a violation
of this section may not be assessed court costs.
  (f) No drivers license points or insurance surcharge shall be
assessed on account of violation of this section.

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